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is close to letting inspecters back to the count. that will help. the united states and israeli defense missiles warn we have heard this before, iran. >> facebook stock price is down. again. poor zuckerberg lost another billion. he ain't 25 sitting on $30 billion no more. the company now on track to be the worst major i.p.o. starts in five years. >> secret service agents you are not out done. others are at your heels from the drug enforcement administration. they, too, enjoy the company of women you pay for in other nations. or that is the allegation. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first, from fox at 3:00 with the new sound effect a security situation onboard a us airways flight bound to the united states. why we are still talking about this, is beyond me. new video of the plane. sources saying according to reports a passenger said she had a bomb implanted in her body. well, that would explain it. this is weeks after experts voiced weapons terrorists could hide bombs it their bodies. the flight left paris this morning on the way to north carolina, c
,000 more since i said that. that may not be a crisis to the treasury secretary of the united states but it is to a rising senator in the united states, governor romney already hitting hard on the issue in florida to a second day and new to one of his potential running mates weighing in on it today. florida republican senator rubio addressing the issue a short time ago with me in this exclusive chat. >> there was a crisis that the guy doesn't think there is one. the president's budget who he worked for what voting down 99-0. not even the democrats would vote if the democrats' budget and the senate democrats have not offered a budget in 3 1/2 years. do people understand what i have just explained? the democrats in washington that control the senate have not offered a budget in 3 1/2 years, almost four years now. this government spends close to $10 trillion since the budget basketball last passed. so, for those that do not like the ryan budget, where is that budget? where is harry reid's budget and the democrats in the senate budget? i understand that at the end of the day to get a bud
. but the big issue is that european debt crisis, that is dragging down the united states economy and they are bracing for what happens next in greece, spain, places where the president has very little control right now, could have a major impact not just on our economy but at the election in november. >>trace: ed, thank you. early today, rebound called the former governor romney to congratulate him on clinching the g.o.p. nomination last night. the president said he looked forward to and i quote, "an important and healthy debate over the next few months." but don't expect them to stay friendly. campaign carl cameron is live for us in washington, dc, with more. >>carl: you do not want to expect a lot of civility between the rivals for the most powerful office in the whole world. president obama did actually give governor romney a congratulations call for locking up the nomination and a spokesman said "president obama said he looks forward to an important debate eight -- about america's future." it took planned parenthood less than a day to endorse president obama and launch a $1.4
not have a deal. so the side lines, the president is working through the issues to show the united states will still have a presence in the region after combat troops are out in 2014. >> i am confident because of the leadership represented here as well as the leadership of our outstanding armed forces, that we can advance that goal. today. and responsibly bring the war to an end. >>reporter: and this citizens to the american people in appear election year we have seen the public polls suggesting that a clear majority of americans want to see the long war over, but another thing coming out of the nato summit the president is putting more details out about the fact that after combat troops are out at the end of 2014 the united states will have a presence in afghanistan for another decade into 2024 and that will cost billions. >>shepard: and speaking of billions, the matter of the euro zone financial crisis is not a type priority but all the leaders are having a hard time. >>reporter: they are. this is a security summit. so, the focus is more on issues such as afghanistan and iran but over t
the presidential e award for increasing u.s. exports and bringing that money and jobs here to the united states. of course, we're in southern california, so we are but one ocean away from a china. rather large ocean. of course, 3 million american jobs have been lost to that nation during the past decade, 2 million of them in manufacturing alone. and all those items that we import from china and buy into our country support as many as 20 million jobs in china. good for chinese government political security unless they have a big unemployment problem, my goodness. better that we have that. but it seems china's tide may be turning. new research shows american companies are making big plans to bring manufacturing jobs back home. the new term reshoring. and according to the hackett group which follows these trends, they're saying u.s. companies are looking to reshoring 20% of their manufacturing during the next 40 years. but the repatriation of jobs and the money that comes with it are not happening because of u.s. policies, in fact, it's happening despite them. it's happening because of chinese pol
as appropriate leaders of the united states. >> you don't think there was anything interesting in talking about the constitution saying the age of the president and the birth place of the president and the citizenship of of the president, the long run-up to something about business which the romney campaign consistently says is their focus. margaret hoover come on. >> you said will cain and didn't get the answer you like. >> it's not the answer i like. i think you're not being honest with me. >> excuse me, when i'm accused of being dishonest you can be assured i will respond. >> good, you go. >> i think this is the unfortunate happenstance of including donald trump in your news coverage. we expand the narrative to assume that everything mitt romney says when he's speaking on the value of business experience that -- >> run that clip again. >> no, you can play it as soon as i'm done but let me finish this. >> i'm not saying every little thing. i'm saying this particular clip where he talks about changing the constitution because the age, the birth place, the citizenship and then goes on and talks
and credit of the united states government. >> reporter: now, wolf, an aide to speaker boehner said that president obama said that he would not go along with any spending cuts in order to increase the debt ceiling and then we heard something different from minority leader nancy pelosi who said that the president was trying to talk about balance, meaning compromise and maybe some tax increasesas well as some spending cuts. so we're getting differing versions of what was discussed at the meeting. >> the speaker did leave one opening there, brian a that he would not accept any tax rate increases and there would be tax revenue from tax reform, there were loopholes, for example, that's one area that they may be able to get to some sort of agreement. it was six, seven months and not such a long time and it was a tough time during the lame duck session. thanks very much brianna keilar at the white house. over at the u.s. senate they've been spending the day spinning their wheels in heated debates. let's take a closer look on the senate chamber where they're voting on five different plans w
in the arm for the capital markets and for the united states. >>dagen: but people were cautious and we heard from some of them out here in the streets. they were taking a wait-and-see attitude about buying the stock. >> are you excited about facebook going public today or trading? >> no, i will wait to see what happens before i put any intention on it. >> it is everhyped. >> i thought but decided not to. too much hype. i thought it could take a dive. >> what we do know the size of the offering was up by 25 percent this week priced at high range so you did not get a "pop" but you got a whole new crop of millionaires and billionaires. back to you. >>neil: you are right, 1,000 of them. imagine that. great job, dagen. no big pop for facebook but remember, this kept getting ratcheted up ahead of the offering. first they talked about it being offered in the 20's, and then 30's and 34 and then up to $38 a share. so while investor could be disappointed, market watcher says all of this is actually a good thing. explain, ed. >>reporter: well, what we don't want is we want markets to be realistic. and,
viewers from the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> the 2012 campaign ad wars are threatening to take an lig new turn by dredging up the past. so far mitt romney is rejecting a proposed anti-obama advertising offensive that would have brought back a controversial figure from the last presidential campaign. here's jim acosta. >> it was a pitch to tear down the president laid out in this proposal obtained by the "new york times" for a multi-media ad campaign that recommends, quote, hitting barack right between the eyes. entitled "the defeat of barack hussein obama," it proposes tv spots featuring jeremiah wright in the clips that almost derailed his previous campaign. ending spending says it received the proposal but rejected it. >> we've got to stop this incredible spending. >> the pac is aligned with online brokerage campaign joe rickets. in statement he says rickeths is neither the author or funder of the so-called plan to defeat mr. obama. it's filled with racial overtones referring to the president as the metro sexual black ab
wanted to make clear that i was solidly behind him in order to make him president of the united states. >> greta: okay. it's clear that you are supporting the republican nominee. have you thrown your support behind governor romney. what is the reason why you don't support president obama? what is the difference between the two parties, the two candidates as we approach november? >> here again, it's real simple. governor romney gets it right on the big issues. president obama get its wrong on the big issues. governor romney understands what it's going to take to boost this economy to a growth rate that this economy is capable of. no policies of president obam have boosted the economy. we are now at something less than 2%. that's not what our economy is capable of. governor romney get its right on energy independence. he knows and has stated that we can maximize all of our energy resources in this country to become energy independent. everything that president obama does seems to be opposite of that. and then the other thing that governor romney get its right on is he wants to repeal oba
. as a result each of our nations, the united states included, more secure and we are in a stronger position to advance the security and prosperity and freedom we seek. with that, i will take a couple of questions and i will start with julie pace. >> thank you, mr. president. you have said the united states cannot deal with afghanistan without also talking about pakistan. and yet this is little public discussion at this summit about pakistan's role in ending the war. your talks with the president did you make any presidents in re-opening this discussion and if the larger tension with pakistan cannot be resolved does that put the nato coalition gains in afghanistan at risk? >> my discussion with the president was very brief as we were walking into the summit. and, i emphasized to him what we have emphasized publicly, as well as privately, we think that pakistan has to be part of the solution in afghanistan. that it is in our national interests to see a pakistan that is democratic. that is prosperous and stable the we share a common enemy in extremists that are found not only in afghanistan bu
there is but one official medal in the united states mint commemorting the attacks of 9/11. proceeds go to the memorial and museum. and, today, we will show you how the mint makes the real deal. and airline passengers have found out how to avoid spending money on the skyrocketing baggage fees. we will clue you in, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, and in north carolina, where the jury is now deciding whether to convict the former presidential candidate and senator, john edwards, on half as do criminal counts that could put him in prison three decades. they heard three weeks of testimony covering the affair that john edwards had with try emhunter as his wife elizabeth suffered from cancer that killed her. but the jury will not be judging john edwards on character. this is about campaign finance laws. the prosecution tried to prove that john edwards used nearly $1 million in illegal contributions to cover up the affair. john edwards' lawyers argue that the money was a personal gift not a political donation. they also claim tha
american success story gone horribly wrong. eduardo saverin wants to defriend the united states of america, just to avoid paying taxes, and we aren't going to let him get away with it. >> democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania is one of two senators who introduced the ex-patriot act. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know we're talking a lot about eduardo saverin in particular but if there was one catalyst for you all to draft this legislation, this ex-patriot act, what was it? >> well, certainly, this is the most egregious example that we know of, but there are more than 1,700 other people who have done the same thing, and the basic thrust of this legislation says that if you expatriate yourself, in other words leave the country, renounce your citizenship, the legislation would provide a 30% tax on the gains that would you get, any kind of future investment gains if, and this is the key thing, if the irs were to determine that the reason you left was for a substantial tax purpose. if they make that finding, and it has to be an objective finding, then the tax would apply.
. washington was skeptical from the claim. >> i think all of us here in the united states were surprised, disappointed and angry about the release. >> back in tripoli, he said i have never harmed anyone in my life. the truth is still hidden. >> some counterterrorism experts admit there were flaws in his trial. >> with his death, the change of the regime in libya, i think is -- although not a fully satisfying one -- the end of the story of terrorism in libyan terrorism. >> but others think the libyan was only a scapegoat. >> with his demise, there is no clearer account of what happened. >> but not the questions. nbc news, london. >>> now we're going to switch gears and talk about the weather and tropical storm alberto churning off the coast of south carolina. chris is upstairs with the latest. >> good morning, jenna. tropical storm alberto is the first storm of the season. in fact, it's just about two weeks early at the beginning of hurricane season. cannot read too much into that as the predictor or the rest of the season, but it just takes once for it to be a bad season. one could be a
th, if that's a change in policy with this government, united states government specifically, i think you'll see capital flows increase to the united states. there will be a capital flow here naturally, that will speed itself up and expedite about in fact there's a change this government. >> i think you have to look at good companies especially those paying hivedividends. >> okay. guy, thank you. getting some support about that guy alex trebek. like when a player gets something wrong, have you ever looked at -- i would be afraid to say something wrong. some of the looks you get from him. he scolds people. but he knows the answers. they give him the answers. in a doesn't allow being to look down on people that don't know the answers and to practice the pronunciation. >>> coming up, from spocks to ca stocks to commodities. why the market isn't accurately accounting for oil market demand. that and more. but first yesterday's winners and losers. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 there are atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 account service fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
>>> good evening. chen gawng is in the united states. drew levinson has details of the sudden and unexpected trip from china to the u.s. >>> crowds cheered as chen arrived. with the help of a translator, he thanked the american government and others for their efforts to bring him for the united states. >> i believe that no matter how difficult the environment, nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart to it. >> reporter: saturday the chinese activist got a phone call telling him to pack his bags. within a few hours, he left a beijing hospital and boarded a flight to the united states with his wife and two children. his flight landed here just outside new york sti. the trip ended a diplomatic tug of war that lasted nearly a month. the blind act virs was an outspoken critic of china's forced abortion policy. he escaped house arrest last month and sought refugee in beijing. the u.s. struck a deal for him to get treatment at a local hospital and be reunited with his family. once there he asked to leave china and secretary of state hillary clinton restarted negotiations a
billion per year. >> the united states has already spent $400 billion on the war in afghanistan. well, we are constantly talking about an economic downturn but for some people that is not the case. >> a penthouse just sold for $90 million. >> i just ignored it ... >> the numbers of teenagers with type 2 diabetes doubles. what is behind the sudden spike? >> : gridding changes to the weather in the bay,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.79. that's for the party size. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. get the new safeway app. it's free. the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward to not having to put 75 bucks in the tank twice a week just to go back and forth t
's not attached to the united states. you know, continental. >> you take on sarah palin over selling alaska, my friend. i'm not going anywhere near that. >> it's got oil. >> i hear you, quest. it is hard not to hear you. but let me tell you, a coup of years ago when this idea was floated, the then prime minister of greece had this to say. and it sounded a lot like you, but for the english act sent. and it was this -- there are more imaginative and effective ways to dealing with the deficit than selling off greek islands. we cherish these islands. and selling them would be out of the question. it would not help. but honestly, i do fleed to ask you with your business acumen, why would it not help? >> because this is not just a solvency issue. this isn't just about debt. it's not just about greece's inability to pay its current bills. it's about reform and competitiveness of the greek economy. it's about greece trying to compete with fellow euro zone and european companies that are better in terms of production. they produce more for lower costs and are more profitable. now if you sell off the gre
the case of the pakistani doctor thrown in jail after helping the united states track down osama bin laden. you will recall that doctor ran a fake vaccination program for the c.i.a. and collected d.n.a. samples to confirm that bin laden was at this compound early this week. pakistan sentenced him to 33 years in prison of high treason for supposedly betraying his home country. yesterday, a u.s. senate committee slashed $33 million in aid to pakistan. but the intelligence experts argue that the obama administration could have done more to secure the doctor's release. and a top government official in pakistan tells fox news the united states is just overracting and needs to "take a deep breath." he adds and i quote, "you've got osama bin laden and we're happy he got killed but the way it was done we are not happy with, we didn't like that." joining us is former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense, mike barrett, now the c.i.a. of the security consulting firm "diligent innovation." mike, the question is, why wasn't this guy removed right after the raid? there was no
in the united states, the corporate tax structure if particular one of the things we talked about during the presidential election is how to lure the companies back to the united states. and, listen, taxes and regulation are what drives the corporate decisionmaking. or for that matter, a small businessman and woman who are trying to decide what they are going to expand their business. it is about taxes. about regulation. and in some cases about the legal structure, as well. one of the reasons texas is the best place in the country to do business, according to c.e.o. magazine, as late as day before yesterday they ranked the states, again, for 2011, and taxes and regulation. quality of your workforce obviously is part of that and they have 650 of their corporate leaders across the country were asked to measure the states with the matrix of taxes and regulation, and legal system, quality of life, quality of the workforce, and texas came in number one. florida was public two. scott is doing a great job of competing. looking at that list, louisiana moved up 14 places. the governor understands
they disagree on issues. governor romney says he believes the president was born in the united states. he said it repeatedly. he says he thinks the issue is closed. >> let's bring in this morning's power panel. democratic strategist and radio talk show host. it's great to have the three of you here. this was supposed to be mitt romney's big moment. this is what he has been primarying for around the country to reach 1,144 delegates to seal this nomination. the background singer turns out to be to the lead singer of donald trump. how does romney dump trump gracefully? >> i would say yesterday the romney campaign did get traction on some of their messages. in fact, some of the questions directed at the white house press secretary yesterday were about equating bain, mitt romney's firm as well as the administration's investments into the one that failed. and some of the messages are getting traction but yes trump did overshadow it somewhat. the other thing i would point out is the romney campaign has not been strong enough in their language yet to make this go away. said that mitt romney believes t
and has the second largest i.p.o. in united states history behind only visa. for every $2 increase in the stock price, zuckerberg pockets another $1 billion in paper worth. gerri from the business is with us, very busy day on the dial dialing the fox business network. what should we maybe of facebook's performance? the nasdaq's performance is another matter? >>gerri: it is underwhelming, i do i thought we would get more of a pop. having said that, the people would float the shares do not want to see a huge move because it means they left money on the table. but you would have thought, i had people in the building who work for the building coming up to me and saying i will try to buy facebook. but it is less than the average i.p.o. gain. >>shepard: they are in california. and i should remember that. and, 401(k)'s ... the rest of the sector was down today. you do not know what would have happened if facebook did not have the i.p.o. but the market has been on a slide for a couple of weeks or more. >>gerri: that is not too surprising given broader news and what we see from europe, the
a fund-raising meeting of sorts, where the united states is going to be asking other countries, other member nations of nato to help contribute to the cost of securing afghanistan after 2014. it's going to cost upwards of $4 billion a year. and of course, u.s. officials don't want all of that to come out of u.s. taxpayer dollars. >> all right, chuck todd, thanks very much. let's bring in david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> these supports, the g-8 and nato conference, it's all about the president trying to get world leaders on the same page, in the first case about the euro debt crisis, the second case of nato on afghanistan. how important is it for the president, and has he found consensus on any of these issues? >> well, it's still very difficult going, i think, as you deal with europe in particular. and the fact that the same debate they're having there is what we're going to have in the united states, which is how do you make the economy grow better? do you slash the budget in order to get growth or not? and a lot
of the united states. he is the one that raises the issue. of course it's fair to talk about bain capital. it's important to talk about bain capital because it's important to point out, as the president does, that bain capital was not about creating job. it was about creating wealth profits for his investors and he did a good job at that. while doing that, he was destroying jobs, shutting down plants. the record is clear. he was exporting jobs. he was killing jobs. he was killing pensions. he is a job-killer not a job creator. and corey booker says it's not fair to talk about that? he is dead wrong. you know, corey booker a rising star, but, man, he is not ready for prime time. you know, it's just -- it just drives me crazy, these democrats who feel they want everybody to like them and they have to appeal to both sides. oh, this is nauseating. no, it's not. it's politics, dude. it's hardball. >> that's for corey booker. now then, marco rubio. he wants to be vice president so bad. i mean he's already been to iowa. he gave a speech here on foreign policy.
. phil, thank you. the ceo of the nation's biggest bank has agreed to testify before the united states congress about how jp morgan chase lost billions of dollars in some very bad trades. a spokeswoman for the bank says the ceo jamie diamond will appear before the senate banking committee, no date set yet. jp morgan chase recently announced it lost at least $2 billion in risky bets. the loss has fueled lawmakers' calls to tighten banking regulations. they say banks didn't learn any lessons after the same types of risky trades helped tank the u.s. economy in 2008. for days, folks in north mississippi were living in fear, many of them. reports that a fake police officer was pulling over drivers and murdering them. well, tonight, a suspect is in custody. and investigators are now revealing how he got his victims to stop. plus, the young woman who is fighting a disease that is slowly eating away at her body. ahead, her remarkable courage. as her father told her what doctors need to do to her next. from the journalists of fox news, this is a friday fox report. [ captain ] our landing time g
as he continues to seek asylum in the united states. foreign ministry today in response says chen can apply to study an abroad, he can apply through normal channels to the relevant departments in accordance with law, you but of course he is currently being treated in hospital. >> thank you so much for that. emily, stay right will because we'd like you to take part in this will discussion, we have jacob finch joining us. jacob, emily was taking us through the key headline stories coming out of the sned. given the saga involving the dissident, have we been tempering our expectations some the past week, we've been seeing pretty solid headlines coming out from china, they've been rolling out pro market measures, they're talking about ways to get some of the state owned enterprises to hand back some of their profits back to the state. it looks like things are progressing a lot better than expected. >> this is a particularly complicated moment in u.s./china relations. and this is a particular moment in which the world is facing a unique set of challenges. so the stakes are significant. but
little loans here in the united states and close off all of the walls? >> i think that's an unrealistic expectation. it's a challenge to be able to understand your books, hedge it. it's quite complicated. so i think the expectation that that will never happen is unrealistic. >> what should the average person looking at this come away with? is this a sign of another crisis in the making? try to put this into a proper perspective. >> we're still expecting the u.s. gdp growth to be 2 1/2 for the year. we see a lot of positives elsewhere. >> this particular jpmorgan story, is this an indication of some further crisis in the banking system? >> no. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> erin, thank you. >>> we asked you to chime in on twitter if another banking crisis was coming. here are some of your responses. the tank told us, the tank, we are in a banking crisis. too much money in the hands of too few hands. freedom has value, if sheila bair and others have their way, we'll be on the with us p of another government overreach crisis. and bob says, we have enough re
of dollars in taxes to the united states government. i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on everything i earned while an u.s. citizen. that's a bit of a trick. he has to pay an exit tax. but that tax is much lower if he does it in september rather than before the ipo that just happened. so he saved about $67 million. by renouncing his u.s. citizenship. let me bring in the rest of the turks. number one, would you leave the country and not come back for $67 million. go. >> it depends on what the rest of my bankroll is. i mean, you said if it's my first $67 million, yeah. if it's after $4 billion, no, i'd probably pay the $67 million to stay. he's not an american by birth. now he lives in singapore. it's obviously not that important to him. >> that makes it worse. originally he grew up in brazil. but there was some threats that he might be kidnapped so he ran to the u.s. for safety. so of course when he was looking for safety, the u.s. when he was looking for justice when they screwed him out of facebook--oh the u.s. justice system, i love you. when you have to fay taxes, ru
states but could make that stronger by saying that mitt romney knows the president was born in the united states. until they get very strong on that it is not going to completely go away. >> does mitt romney's team need to come out and disavow donald trump who promotes this conspiracy theory? >> thomas, all of these politician s from obama to othes can have their achilles heel. there are people who believe what many people believe is nonsense. he happens to be someone who is very influential and very successful at business. he supported mitt romney. there was a time he thought he would have to run. mitt romney has done enough to disavow the things that trump has said that he disagrees with. if trump wants to support him he should welcome that support like any politicians. the voters are mature enough to separate mr. trump who has been trumping his card for ages. romney knew what he was getting when he decided to do this event with trump. why do you think trump is different? >> do you think democrats are in danger of overplaying their hand in this? >> i think democrats have been very clear
and phraseology we heard from the president of the united states, those in the capital are no safer. >> so, nick, there's a lot of hoopla. this visit by the president is being touted as the beginning of the end, and yet a lot of things still unanswered. troop levels going forward after 2014, the economic assistance this country may be roped into for a very long time, and those critical diplomatic relations. while we do have signatures, is this whole thing a bit vague? >> reporter: it's a little strange. to be honest, the american speech yesterday was definitely for an american audience. it was about trying to sew up the narrative of why america came here in the first place. they were here to get bin laden. a year after bin laden's death, obama is here to explain how they can move forward. the strategic partnership agreement we signed with president karzai is deeply symbolic because it's something america badly needed to sign because there's an important nato summit in chicago later this month. but left out are key questions. how much money will washington give kabul over the next few years is le
in the world. money is coming into the united states. the dollar is up 11 days in a row. we haven't seen that in three and a half years. look at that rally in the last month in the dollar. of course a lot of money going into bonds. stocks not so much a beneficiary, nonetheless here the markets not coming down as much as the rest of the world. the one sector i would point out before i get your point, financials really aren't moving. >> that was going to be my point. >> yeah. look. jpmorgan was below 36 at one point. morgan, citi group, wells fargo, it's not doing anything today. >> do you think the underpinnings of the market will allow it to move forward without the financials or not? >> no. it's going to have a real hard time. i'll tell you why. a big part of the earnings in the second half of the year. we were expecting an earnings push up in the second half of the year. largely in technology and energy stocks. if they don't contribute, we're going to have a problem. >> bob, see you in just a minute. over to you and matt. >> matt will be hanging with us on "power lunch" for the week. h
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